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11-03-2011, 03:36 PM
Originally Posted by Radiolysis
Lol. You sure know how to stir up the hornets nest in the forums CapnLogan . Anyway you guys are reading waaaaay to much into his twitter post. Lets be honest, if CapnLogan were to get the green light to design a T5 connie we all know that we would be taking her out for a spin in a heartbeat
i'd probably have on in stock .. but I'd rather have the one ship I've been waiting on for a long long time. It's a preference kinda thing. I personally will always love the TOS Enterprise. I remember when it was first released on the TV screen in the 60's. BUT... I also appreciate other ships in the fleet as well.

But we really should not turn this into a "Connie" debate ( IMHO)