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11-03-2011, 03:53 PM
Originally Posted by Cowbert View Post
The exchange price fixing does have a sound basis in theory when you consider that the maximum rate of usable dil is 8000 dil per day *but* at VA it is so easy to generate that, not having a lower cap on the exchange would quickly devaluate CPs. *snip*
Remember C-points are per account and you can earn Dilithium with one toon and use the C-points on any as they are account wide, so "earning potential" for the dilithium exchange is account wide, not per character.

For the purposes of the exchange, The rate of usable dilithium is 24,000 per day per Gold account at minimum and 16,000 dilithium per day for per silver account

Veterans of course are more likely to have more slots unlocked and thus more earning potential.

Price capping the exchange DEVALUES the c-point , which is a very bad thing for cryptic AND current subscribers who will be getting a stipened.

In short, the more dilithium c-points buy , the higher the "in-game" value becomes for the 400 point stipened.

Cryptic has all the control they need with this...the 8000/per toon/per day cap is the only thing they need to control this equation (of course they will only LOWER the refine cap, not raise it if they want to "increase" the value of dilithium)