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I have been playing this game off and on for three years using the same computer. I have never had any problems running the game at all. I have my graphics quality set to the High quality in game, never any issues running the game. On the 16th of October I started getting this error message:
"Fatal error unable to initialize on demand patching and connect to patch server; the connection was idle for too long"

I am able to log in to tribble and redshirt, but not able to connect to Holodeck

I sent a Dxdiag to tech support and got this response:
"Greetings, I am sorry for any problems you may have been experiencing while playing Star Trek Online. After review of your system specifications, we were able to determine that your computer did not meet the minimum requirements suggested for Star Trek Online. While being below minimum requirements will not always prevent users from accessing the game, it is unfortunately a factor that we are unable to support in our Troubleshooting. Star Trek Online is an ever changing game and new content is added that may in turn result in a raising of specifications necessary to play the game to handle the new content. Given this, we are unfortunately not able to support computers that do not meet minimum requirements. I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you. Regards, Cryptic Studios Tech Support"

I also got this message when I told the tech team I disagree with the diagnosis because I have never had any problems playing the game:
"Hi Tim - This ticket was escalated to me, and I've reviewed the other tickets on your account. Regarding your concern that the tech support team is not assisting you adequately: * Your computer does not meet our minimum specifications. * This technical support matter is closed, and we will not assist you further until you provide a DxDiag indicating your card has been upgraded. Regarding your request a refund for time lost due to this technical problem: * You have significant playtime within the last billing period, and thus are not eligible for a refund. * If you are not able to play, I recommend you cancel your subscription before you are billed again on the 6th. * This refund matter is closed, and any further requests for refunds due to lost playtime will be closed without a reply. Thanks, Christine J"

I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem with logging in to Holodeck?