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11-03-2011, 06:00 PM
Ok, I started up a new toon just to fool around with on Tribble, and I'm getting annoyed with the mission progression on the Fed side.
I recently hit Captain 4, and then the Lieutenant missions started coming up, meaning all the initial Klingon missions that give Level II and III gear.
Add to that all but the Devadean Episodes are all locked out, and I'm a bit irritable, since I can't get at the gear some of those Episodes give as rewards.
Major beef is one that's common to just bout everyone on Tribble: Dilithium as a crafting cost. That's GOT to go.
Haven't logged in since the new points to dilithium and back was added, but I can see a major flaw in it: what happens when everyone wants to buy dilithium, and noone has any to sell?