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11-03-2011, 06:43 PM
I am just wracking my brain trying to figure out what "Higher End Klingon game play" is supposed to refer at...

I really don't see it. Beyond the missions (and bugs) that already existed on Holodeck, the KDF Academy, some lower tier ships (which' release was timed very poorly) and the Marauding assignments, there's nothing new that's uniquely KDF in there, is there? Certainly nothing that qualifies as high end, I'd have thought... unless, and I dread saying this, Cryptic's lowered the bar somewhat dramatically? All that would qualify would be the STFs, and I don't see it making much of a difference, whether it's a Klingon or a Fed testing them.

So... just make a list, okay? Tell me what exactly you need tested and II'll see what I can do... but after levelling a Gorn to 51 so recently, I can't say I have been very keen on repeating the same missions on the Orion I had to create just to try out a lower tier ship or two.

(It got to level 45 so far on mostly Doff assignments. That patrol cruiser looks very nice and all, but it has fired hardly any shots in anger so far... And when you guys cut the effectiveness of longterm missions, the rate of leveling actually picked up cause now I've been collecting about 1/3rd of the usual XP in give or take 1/10th of the time it took before. So first you cut the XP so people don't level through the doff system... and then you encourage them to do the short-term assignments, turning your past efforts basically into a waste of time. Worse yet, juggling doff assignments on multiple characters now effectively leaves you without time to do anything else. If you take 15 minutes for each character, with 30 to 45 minutes toward assignments completing, you can juggle 2 or 3. I much preferred the assign and forget approach of the longterm ones tha have been made basically worthless now. I do hope no one spent too much time groaning at a calculator on that one.)