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11-03-2011, 06:58 PM
Originally Posted by Capitain Wilhelm
2 dev blog in two days. That's really cool. And needed after the silence of the last week.

Best thing yet. The ship slot is acount wide. I was assuming it was for one single char only.

Now, despite of the very enlightening post on the blog, I still have some doubts:
  1. I levelled one character from ensign to VA. I get only the title plus ship slot, or get ship slot plus title plus dilithium plus XP Boost?
  2. A question similar to the above, but with the DOff system. Supose I got with a fresh character (not a transfered one) at diplomacy tier 3. Do I receive only the purple DOff with unique abilitie, or I receive this DOff plus the other purple plus the blue one? (I'm assuming that by "completing at least one tier 3 commendation", diplomacy is included).
  3. Does Federation and Klingon Rewards Stack? So if I get a klingon to VA, I will get two ship slots? Or the ship slots are restricted by faction? (level up one fed and get one ship slot on all feds, but not on klingon side)
  4. Will it be possible to claim the account wide itens later(ship slot and purple doff)? I mean, suppose I have two characters at the time the reward is released. I claim the ship slot for both. Then create another. Will I be able claim the ship slot on this character also? (Same question for Purple Doff)

Don't get me wrong on this. I'm not asking to be one way or another. And some questions I'm only asking to be sure (althougt some of them I really don't have a clue about).

Oh, and I didn't have heard about the tribble. I think this is the first thursday in a month where I receive good news . Now, it wouldd be cool to receive any update about the VA ship token, dilithium on crafting and the abusive c-store prices (sorry about this. But these things are really bothering and I will be an annoying guy until I hear good thing about these)
I believe it's been said that the rewards are cumulative, but it can't hurt to clarify again.

Anything described as "account-wide" applies to later created characters, since it's tied to the title/accolade, same as the ship-slot and other rewards that're unlocked for the Veteran's rewards.