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11-03-2011, 07:15 PM
Originally Posted by nynik
It is really a measure to help those who can't log in every day due to X. At least with most games, if you don't log in for dailies you don't get the reward at all, but since this effects more than just dilithium from dailies but from all dilithium rewarding activities (not tied to daily lockouts), it really puts those people who can not log in everyday at a significant disadvantage in terms of refining.

So its not an issue with earning dilithium from dailies only, but being additionally penalised just because you can't get off work to refine 8k of your dilithium ore mountain (you made over a weekend of free time perhaps), each day.
What non daily dillithium rewarding activities are there? How is somsone going to earn a pile of excess ore that they cant refine in one day? The only non daily I can think if is the Doff missions, but they award a very small amount and only the few missions you had going when you left would actually finish while you werent there for a few days. At most that would earn you a couple hundred dillithium.