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11-03-2011, 11:39 PM
I also have to agree with xdevnull that Lynerunner's argument just doesn't make sense.

For instance, all of the Feature Episode mission are set to a level-appropriate mark, even though some of them are unique.

If the mission progression is to make any sense at all as one thread that takes you through an extended play experience, then letting the rewards fall behind the progression permanently removes any motivation to ever finish playing through them. Being rewarded with something that is utterly useless for the remainder of the character's progression is incredibly annoying and unmotivating.

The ideal in this rework is to give us lots of ways to advance through the ranks. Some may do DOFF missions constantly, others may focus on fleet actions, or patrol missions, or PvP. Don't punish everyone who doesn't just play through the primary missions first to the exclusion of all other options!

Personally, this is really adversely affecting my enjoyment of leveling up my Tribble character already. I hardly want to play those missions at all.