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# 1 The STO official website
11-04-2011, 12:31 AM
I don't know if anyone else has asked about this, but what's up with the official website? STO's been live for over a year now and the website STILL only displays the Federation starships. Pretty sure there's two playable factions...

Is there any scope for the KDF ships to be added? Also, the Dreadnought cruiser and the Excelsior are on there but none of the other C-store ships. Will these ships too eventually be added? It's a small incovenience compared to all the drastic changes being made for F2P but I'm sure that it would help generate interest in the game if potential players could see what ships they could command.

If it weren't for SpiderMitch and his ship charts no one would know anything about the KDF or the Federation ships of the line. And considering it's the OFFICIAL website, I feel as though it should be on top of that sort of thing.