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11-04-2011, 12:41 AM
Originally Posted by pyro1
With right setup and skill you could continue use Miranda as long as you want, just other day I did cure space on trible with my fighter for giggles, only blew up once, now with the point defense system available(c store)
The Miranda can get some new love, the suixes(sp?) is basically a Miranda that was retrofitted with new armour, cannons and a point defense turret at the end of the 23rd century while federation was still at war with Klingons, one of my fave ships of all startrek after the defiant, if not sure what ship I mean, episode of tng with Kelsey Kramer when enterprise gets stuck in time loop, the ship commanded by Kelsey Kramer that was stuck in the loop for 80 years.

What would be the best setup?