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11-04-2011, 06:29 AM
Originally Posted by Philoso_Raptor
What non daily dillithium rewarding activities are there? How is somsone going to earn a pile of excess ore that they cant refine in one day? The only non daily I can think if is the Doff missions, but they award a very small amount and only the few missions you had going when you left would actually finish while you werent there for a few days. At most that would earn you a couple hundred dillithium.
At the moment it might be tricky to get more than the cap in Dilithium Ore, but we're not seeing the whole picture. There will be more and more sources of Dilithium added all the time. This is to help those of us who can play for a long time at the weekend, but don't have the time to log in during the week.