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11-04-2011, 06:45 AM
There's nothing "massive" to the T5 BoPs we have.
Big yes but most of it are wide skinny wings and a long thin neck with a small command section.
When you scaled a B'Rel BoP up to 350 meters you end up with a far more massive ship, especially the rear section on that ship is bigger.
So the Hegh'ta and the K'vort don't really have much in common beyond their length and the fact they have wings.
My ideal config would be a K'vort cruiser with one more point of turnrate compared to the Vor'cha (and of course a tiny bit less hull) but with an
LtC Science, because during the Dominion War we don't see them in any number as a frontline warship but appearently as lone patrol ships and areas like the Badlands are only sensible to patrol with good sensors.
So as an "inverted T5 Nebula" configwise the ship might be good to go.