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11-04-2011, 05:50 AM
I've got a Sci/Escort and love it!

Originally Posted by Renzio View Post
This was my line of thinking. Add in Photonic Fleet and things should get silly.

One of the biggest challenges I think I may face is my power distribution. While many of my Sci Skills will be spent on defensive abilities (Sci Team, Hazard Emitters), I know that many of the sci skills I have as a Sci Officer are based on AUX. So balancing my offense and my AUX levels will be tricky.
My recommendations are to get a Mk XII Tachyon Deflector with [SenA] or [Sen] or both. Also run with a Multi-Spectro Scanner in one sci slot, and spec into Sensors and Sensor Array. Just before you attack, pop an Aux battery and sensor scan the target. That combined with Attack Pattern Omega 3 or Beta 3 can lay on some serious hurt. The whole sensor thing meshes well if you plan to use a target subsystem ability - for example Target Engines 3. With skills in sensors and the right array/consoles, you'll kill most targets engines easily, killing their defence.

As for SNB... personally I just use it for the buff wipe, rather than the recharge it adds. It's particularly useful for enemies such as Mogai escorts (or players) who use Tact team as you attack. Or RSP for that matter.

I wouldn't bother speccing specially for Photonic Fleet. Whilst the power is nice, it simply doesn't benefit significantly from the skills put into it. Even fully specced, the ships die pretty quick. If you check on your skills, Photonic Fleet benefits from *many* skills, most of which you'll need for your ship anyway. It'll be buffed enough that way, so theres no need to go 'all out' and include Photonic Theory. Save those skill points! As far as I know it doesn't benefit much from Aux either.

For the most part you don't need to worry too much about Aux power. Usually a battery is enough for the attack run (sensor scan), and power for SNB doesn't matter if you're just using it to wipe buffs. For the other sci abilities, if you run an EPS console in your Eng slot, you can always switch to a full aux preset if you need power there for when you're under fire to heal or pop Dampening Field. Even with limited Aux power, you can still be an effective Sci/Escort.