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11-04-2011, 06:13 AM
Originally Posted by RogueMaster View Post
But does the Garumba benefit from all those points you spent on the Raptor class ships?

Looking at the description, it reads like it should be a Cruiser, and even the BO slots are not particularly friendly towards a Tactical background.

Seems like Cryptic could spend some time fleshing out the KDF ships a little more to open up options for those who enjoy the Raptor class, but don't want to have to respec as a Cruiser or fly that ugly lion fish around. There really are no good options once you reach level cap for a captain on the Raptor/Escort career path, other than sticking with the Heavy Raptor.
True, the Qin needs love and there have been threads on the subject.
As far as I know the Garumba benefits from SP put into the Raptor skills for the time being.