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11-04-2011, 06:20 AM
Originally Posted by KitsuneRommel

I REALLY doubt that number. But still, WoW has/had a daily quest cap of 25 and a lot more possible dailies than that. Technically you didn't have to do the same things over and over.
I was refering to when the daily system was first introduced and the cap was raise from 15 to 25 with the Isle, and the Isle was the first center location people could go to knock all of them out in one area. Certainly now, gold rewards are everywhere (expect PvP ><) that you really dont have to do dailies to maintain 3,000 gold. Also, w/ the Isle in TBC, the entire server had to unlock things (similar to the AQ Event) and I was just using WoWRealms data from Spirestone that showed 89.9% of activity during the Isle's opening through Phase 2 with the opening of the Alchamey Lab, certainly after all the perks were unlocked, I'm sure alot of the heavy raiders stopped working on them. I'm not sure if the world PvP'ers even bothered to pick up the quests...

I'm using this as an example with Star Trek Online, because this is basically the same issue. Dilithium is being added to a small area, ie Exploration Dailies, that require people's active attention. Now over time (sooner better than later IMO) they should certainly open up more areas and apply the Dilithium Daily Reward to more things, it will just take time.