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11-04-2011, 06:28 AM
Originally Posted by pr1983 View Post
You can make an absolute killing in the events if you get on at the right times. I can do three fed mirror events in the space of the hour they're up, and end up with about 4500 dilihium.
Which is what this is all about. People want to play on their own terms.

Originally Posted by reon View Post
I was refering to when the daily system was first introduced and the cap was raise from 15 to 25 with the Isle, and the Isle was the first center location people could go to knock all of them out in one area.
I know. I was playing at the time.

But it was still a high level zone and as we know from various comments from various games most people are nowhere near the level cap. When they first talked about the borg ground zone I immediately thought of Isle of QQ.