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11-04-2011, 06:49 AM
Originally Posted by Sural_Argonus
Yes...But on the other hand....The Cubical Dwellers don't get locked up in that cage at night...aren't subject to random violating searches, and they get to leave the facility at long as they aren't working overtime.

Can't count "conjugal visits" because well...I don't really need to explain why not, do I? heheh
Man, workplaces would be so much better if you got conjugal visits....

ahem, I mean.....

Seriously though. I feel sorry for the guy who developed the cubical concept. He develops a team and devots huge amounts of time and resources into researching and developing a better system for office enviornments, and creates a system that provides for better office community interaction, affords more personalization, greater customization, greatly increased adaptation, removes the old feelings of being cramped and confined, and generally creates a better office enviornment; then most businesses take that and turn it into the modern much derided cubicle farm.

Alas, poor fellow.

Not that I am saying Cryptic has a sterile and stifling cubicle farm, I am sure they use cubicles properly I have just never seen their offices....

Maybe they should offer a tour so we can all be assured that they aren't running a soul crushing corporate monstrosity...