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11-04-2011, 07:19 AM
I agree that teamwork should be rewarded however in this case teamwork is part of the issue. This is because of the speed of the attack.

Example: You have 2 BoPs decloak and focus fire. One of them uses photonic shockwave immediately after decloaking. Unless you screw it up you're guaranteed a kill almost every time because the victim is dead before they or their teammates can respond. If for whatever reason the target has already recently used their science team ability its even easier.

This kind of attack is particularly easy to pull off in take and hold missions where players slow their ships to capture points.

If players are in vent together they may be quick enough to help their targetted friend...maybe. However this game should not be balanced for Vent or Teamspeak players because Cyptyic doesn't offer a similiar voice communication feature ingame.

Also I think another important point was mentioned...that this ability was useful for scoring kills against premades. This very honest statement highlights exactly the problem. The combination of photonic shockwave and alpha strike isn't functioning to strengthen teamwork, but to circumvent teamwork.

As we can see with premades teamwork is obviously rewarded. Changing photonic shockwave would only strengthen the reward of teamwork not diminish it.