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# 9 RE: Storyline Mission Rewards
11-04-2011, 07:55 AM
I too have posted about this issue on this forum. The main problem is that the weekly series missions have now been inserted (almost haphazardly) into the original storyline path without re-adjusting the rewards, skill points, and BO skill points accordingly. The impact is that if you complete an original storyline mission, you'll get meager rewards and skill points, but when you complete the weekly series missions you receive a larger than normal XP reward. This tends to level the character beyond the level of the next batch of "original" storyline missions, which in-turn means that your reward may be several levels below your actual rank. (i.e. receiving MK-III gear when you are at captain.

Before this version of the game goes live, all of the rewards and skill points will need to be re-adjusted accordingly so that character progression is more linear and fluid that what it currently is on Tribble.