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11-04-2011, 09:03 AM
ummm.. I cannot help but notice that everyone here is missing something VERY important..

we know what your going to spend C-points on.. SHips, costumes, stuff like that.

But what is it your actually going to spend dilithium on?
Ships? Weapons?.. And there is still the energy credit economy or has everyone forgotten about that?
F2P types can either go buy CPoints and exchange them for ships viaa the dilithium exchange, or they can take thier C-points and buy ships. They should have a ship token purchase option in there for standard ships by the way . The normal C-store ships are better then the stock ships and have all those nifty consoles

ahh but getting those ship equipped.. well lets see, you can grind and craft. If you hit level cap you can STF and skip the whole silly mess. if you dont haave an entire set of ships weapons after 100 STF runs you'r really one unlucky sod! Stay away from Vegas and do not buy lotto tickets!

Call me jaded, but most f2P customers are going to realize full well that cryptic wants them to spend money on micro transactions and a lot of them are going to be realy resistant to the idea. The game is enjoyable with out having to spend money in micro transactions for fluff goodies. Its a two edged axe out of nessesity. They are quite capable of advancing in the game without ever spending a dime! All they have to do is be patient. Other MMO's that have subscription aaand f2P have placed limitations on free accounts with the most effective being "time" only so much play time per day per free account. Suddenly the micro tranactions and soemting like an in game gold store become significantly more viable. It allows the F2P player to litteraly buy "time"

And so far with what I am seeing, having the currently low refining limit for free accounts is fine, but its criplling to the paid accounts. If I could transfer refined dilithium and ore and for that matter e-creds and anything else between my characers it would be a different matter. the more characters you have the more dilithium you can refine. You can use the exchange to move refined dilithium between chracters but dilithium ore cannot be transfered.

As a LTM I could give really a flying hoot about the games economic model. Its beeing transformed into a way for Cryptic to make additional money. I hope it works. There are dozens of ways to siphon F2p customers money and one of em is bound to work. AS for we who are allready here. I expect nothing from the F2P model, and the economic changes are just going to get in the way of play. If all this energy being spend on the f2p release and economy were being spent on content maybe the KDF would be a whole faction by now, which would generate subscriptions.

Crrypic isn't is NOT getting any more money from me in any form untill i see content.. a lot of content.. a lot of KDF content. Untlll then this is all just another excuse to not do content. Just like all the other excuses.