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11-04-2011, 09:26 AM
Ok I did not LOVE this mission like most did, but I enjoyed it.

Part of the problem could be because I was cooking dinner while playing this mission, it was late, and it took me an extremely LONG time.

This is a READING mission, not an action or combat mission by any means other than the final space battle, and the mission is exclusively in space.

Walls of text - lots of text, and although the writing is good and interesting, a lot of it does absolutlely nothing to move the plot along. On top of that, there are puzzles (albeit easy ones) embedded into the dialogue. So you must sift through most of the text (which is largely irrelevant) if you want to solve the puzzles. Or you can have one of your companions help you, which you inevitably must do in some cases anyway.

This is an interactive novella - not so much a game.

Now the space maps were very well done, and again the writing is good. Just be prepared to spend a lot of idle time reading, and be well rested, or you will find youself skipping through dialogue box after dialogue box as they begin to wear ya down.

I gave it four stars. A little more dynamic interaction to make me feel like I actually was affecting the story, and less idle time going through dialogue, would have been my preference.