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Leveled a KDF to 51. Managed to complete the Fekliri mission chain, but the last 2 missions were re-runs of each other. Not sure if this is intended or not.

First, I ran "Afterlife". It's the mission where you go on the barge of the dead. You rally the guys on the boat to support you, fight a mini-boss, then enter the gates of Grethor. You then fight the 3 mini-boses (I forget their names. I think 1 of them was Cowardice). Then you fight the final boss.

The next mission is then "Grethor". However, this is just a repeat of the second part of "Afterlife". Here you start off at the entrance to the gate of grethor, and you have to basically repeat the mission again. Is this intended or a bug?

Also, the mini-bosses and final boss fight proved to be quite challenging on 'normal'. I respawned several times during the mission. My BOFFs were usually the first to die. I think the boss hitpoints need some tuning. The AOE fire burning on the ground attack might be a bit too strong as well.