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Per F2P blog #17

On today's blog post was the following:
"We have not been getting as much feedback on higher end Klingon game play as we hoped, so if you have a Klingon character to transfer over, give it a try! We’re looking forward to more Klingon feedback on the Tribble Forums."

1. Replay missions aren't scaling rewards properly. I played "Bringing Down the House" with my KDF LG that I transferred over from holodeck. I was rewarded with a MK-XI shield. Unfortunately, when I selected the next mission in this series, the reward listed is a MK-II deflector. Until rewards scale correctly based on character level, there is no reason to go back and replay the missions.

2. Only the Federation series and the Reman series are available for reply, even though my transferred character has played them all (some many times).

3. After playing the first mission in the Fed series (Bringing Down the house) was completed, the Fek'lhri missions became available, but with non-level appropriate rewards.


If one were to start a new KDF character, he/she would find that their character is not rewarded the Bridge Officers that they should be receiving at any of the promotions that indicate a BO reward is to be given.

The Fed side of the game does not have this error/bug and is rewarded with many high quality (green and blue) BOs while ranking up.

This is a major issue that must be resolved as it negatively impacts a KDF players ability to obtain new BO skills that can assist him/her to rank up and play the end game STFs.

It doesn't make sense going into Infected (for example) if you don't have the skills and equipment that will allow you to be successful.

Finally, the bug that decloaks cloaked KDF ships when dialog boxes pop up needs to be resolved once and for all. This bug has hampered KDF players for over a year and should have been dealt with sooner rather than later. There is no basis for this bug to remain in game as I have yet to see an episode of any Star Trek series or movie that showed KDF ships decloaking because they answered an incoming hail. Rediculous!