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11-04-2011, 01:40 PM
Originally Posted by Hakaishin
Tyken's Rift is not universally useful. At all.

Spread AND High Yield takes away from your damage output, which means that even a less-than-half decent healer will laugh at you.

Scatter AND Rapid Fire takes away from your damage output even further, which means that even a Tac flying a cruiser will be laughing at your DPS as he heals it.

PvP isn't about being universally useful... If you're "universally useful", you're SEVERELY lacking in what your team expects of you to succeed.

Speccing for 1v1s is stupid to begin with.

I can counter that build with... well... anything. It isn't "good" at anything. It's trying to do too many different things, stopping it from being a true threat, specializing in nothing.

Because he is an escort, arguably among the squishiest, he would die against anyone, flying any ship, without the world's most severe cases of cerebral palzy and down syndrome combined.

At least, without having the raw power to make up for it.

PvP isn't about how many different things YOU can do.

It's about how well you can make what YOU are EXPECTED to do work WITH your allies.

Your allies need to be able to count on you. I wouldn't waste my time counting on this, just looking at it screams that it wouldn't work in a reliable team and would just be leeching from the rest of us.

If I found myself with an Escort like this in my team, I'd already count the match as fighting down a man, 4 vs 5.

Edit: Besides... the OP requested a build to maximize damage... if you still argue this build does it, I lol.
Agreed. Too many ppl build for 1v1, and thats why pugs fail, a lot. Players need to commit to thier roles, not try to do everything. a DPS dealer should focus on killing targets, leave Crowd control to your sci player, and healing to your healer etc etc.

The one thing I differ on, is that I'm a firm believer in using torps as a dps dealer, for good spike dps. all cannons is great for dps, and sure the scoreboard will say so too, but I'd rather to 35K damage insta popping you, than do 200K damage shooting at you for 10 minutes, and that is the difference IMHO. But thats just me, I have plenty of fleet mates to don't run torps who might dissagree with me.

And I'm sorry, I stopped reading at tykens rift on an escort too. that is pure LULZ. even at Half A**ed amount of AUX power, that simply is not effective, not for what could be put in its spot, like a PSW or TSS3 perhaps.
The only time I think GW or Tykens are effective is at FULL AUX, and honestly tykens is best when paired with a GW or at the very least some tractor beam action, its too easy to get out of, especially if some silly escort is using it :p.