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11-04-2011, 02:50 PM
Originally Posted by Arkanine View Post
i am going to test out a setup of borg console,borg defl,borg eng and covariant cap x 3 shields.i will post how this set up does in pvp.
borg shields FTW! I know alot of ppl think covariants x3 are the only way to go, I just could't disagree more. yea that higher cap makes you feel better about those oh so scary alpha strikes flying around these days, but once those shields go down, they tend to stay down under fire, short of any support from your team. Where as the borg shields,
A. Have a +5 shield power boost, which boosts regen rates + defense, and
B. have an insanely high regen rate even on an escort.

In a day in age where all you need to get those shields up is have two tac teams, and two copies of power to shields, and I hope you do , having that high regen rate coupled with good shield power from your two copies of EPtS 1+2, they'll come up plenty fast compared to the capx3. I have 4 escorts, and they all run borg shields. Actually, I really nifty way to go, is to run the AEGIS deflector and the rest BORG, reason being the AEGIS DEFLECTOR has a +5 shield power boost as well, so that coupled with your Borg shield result in +10 sheild power PLUS your two copies of power to shields.....sooo what does this mean for you? well it means +100 shield power with 2 1/2 times the regen rate of those capx3's! I run 110 wep power on my scorts, and it feels great. Throw in a Field Generator for +35% shield Capacity and a +13% Shield Regen Rate engy consoles, and you're one tanky escort! If you run the Sci version of the AE, which is a great idea I think, run some transfer shield strengths, or Hazard Emiters, maybe a Tractor beam for flavor. Either way, lots of survivability offered with a LTC sci slot station.

Now the down side is that if your "situational awareness" is not very quick, and you tend to react too slowly to Alpha strikes, then this may not be for you, and having the extra cap defence may be nice. but be advised, that without team support, those cap x3 shields will come down at some point, and they're very hard to get back up comparatively speaking.

Just my 2 1/2 cents, worth exactly that.