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11-04-2011, 02:17 PM
If Cryptic wants more Klingon feedback, it might help to ungate some of the mission content, so players who do the DOFF system aren't at the level cap by the time they get around to doing most of the episodes. Otherwise, there's not much incentive to do the same old missions unless you're a serious bug hunter. Casual testers are going to work toward their testing-related freebies promised for Holo for the various rank and DOFF accomplishments.

Really, I get the feeling more and more that they might as well have made the Klingon faction unlockable only by level 51 Federation characters, because all the mission level changes really did was effectively push most of it to the endgame.

If it's going to be another several months to a year or more before we get new content, why should anyone bother? Speaking of, what ever happened to the featured series that were originally planned for this year? Have they been delayed until after F2P launch? (I probably just missed an announcement.)