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11-04-2011, 03:28 PM
Originally Posted by fallout23 View Post
Beta works better than the delta for a constant rotation ;-)

Your delta will still be on c/d after your second omega
Yeah fallout that's the engie/mvae I'm trying to finish off. Coulda swore I had them in rotation. Trying to go no hull heal, save for miracle worker I guess. Omega has 15 sec uptime with 15 sec global no? 1 min cooldown..... Should be able to get that in there or maybe I was just imagining things or just not getting that second omega in there on regularity.

And I love rotating betas, have a setup on T'Lexi like that. Beta 3,1, crf2,1 hy1 TT1x2... I think. Yeah, sompe people sleep on beta, remember your whole team gets that bonus while firing at your target. Awesome.