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11-04-2011, 03:16 PM
Agreed to the above posters, i actually lost a lot of DPS to this system, also shield heal and so on.

Plus, the core point was also not met this time: Ground and space skills need a separate skill pool, otherwise you have yet again two options:

- Suck in space
- Suck on ground

What I would like to see:

-Separated skill points for Space and ground, gained separately but without SP loss (Meaning 72K space X ground)
- More ground skills to make sense

- XP costs back to normal

- Damage gained from skill back to normal (Weapons having once dealt 5k deal 4800 now)

- Stop forcing us to spend X skill points in total to unlock the next tier and make it more progressive.
Make it more like: x points in skill X unlock the next skill of this row an make the character level play a greater role in return
X points shield emitters ---> Starship shield systems--->Starship Power Insulators--> Inertial dampener-->Starship counter measures

Just as an example. It is imho better than spending X skill points in total to gain the next skill tier.

Another option would be separating skill points from XP and giving us 1 SP per level;
therefore a total of 51 Skill points to allocate with some skills having more than one rank and others less (To a max of 5 ranks per skill)

I actually had a pretty good space/ground balance before the revamp:

- Space looks meh
- Ground horrible

This is probably due to the fact that a Holodeck can have 4 full fledged t5 skills while a tribble char can't.( I think the max is exactly 3 fully fledged skills now

Also why is there a skill to increase cloaking efficiency when it also increases by allocating points to AUX?
Plus on the Gal X you have about 5030 Stealth without the cloaking skill and just 5080 with it...(tested on two tacs having the Gal X)
I would say 'considerably buff it', but the last this game needs is a super cloaked Bird of Prey-R.

My suggestion is to remove, replace or integrate it into another skill.