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11-04-2011, 03:26 PM
Omega has a 1 min c/d, 30sec shared, and a 15sec global (I think I'm using the term "shared" and "global" correct) delta has a 45 sec c/d with a 15sec global<15sec>delta<15sec>omega<15sec>then everythings on c/d

It's delta 45sec c/d that messes up the rotation. Betas 30sec rotation keeps everything in a nice tight loop.

Problem with beta vs omega right now is the prevalence of tac team. Omega is unaffected by TT. Beta was awesome before they buffed TT because not all escort captains were chaining 2xTT's which clears beta. I know it briefly reapplies itself everytime you shoot your target before the targets TT quickly clears it again. Not sure if that means your shot that applies beta to your target is beta buffed or not. If not, I can't see any use to beta on a target with a TT active since it almost instantly goes away. Might have to test that out