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# 1320 Klingon Baldrics
11-04-2011, 07:01 PM
Klingon Baldrics (Sashes)

For these I chose the uniforms I thought looked best with each just for display purposes. They work well with most any Klingon uniform however. Why these only become available at certain ranks is beyond me as rank really has nothing to do with them except in the case of TOS where only the Commander ever wore a baldric. The symbols and medals on these are representative of a Klingons House and/or the battles in which they have fought and have nothing to do with rank. I listed the most appropriate time period for each also. I hope you like them.

ENT/Merc Style - Available at Lt Commander

T01 01
T01 02
T01 03

TOS Style - Available at Commander

T02 01
T02 02
T02 03

TNG Style - Available at Captain

T03 01
T03 02
T03 03

25th Century Style - Available at Admiral

T04 01
T04 02
T04 03
T04 04