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11-04-2011, 08:28 PM
Originally Posted by CaptainHorizon
Yeah viquey, everything here should just be a handyman's guide as everyones playstyle is different.

Also if someone could verify this for me: I get better results from omega3 and crf2 than crf3 and omega1.

And also, never underestimate attack patterns. I have a layout that carries omega1,3 and delta1. Put those in smoothe rotation for an amazing almost constant hull resist ans 50% uptime on stun immunity and speed/turn bonus'. not to mention the +30/+50 damage boosts. And you can mix in that aux2id too, you'd be stunproof. Make sure you have a buddy throwing you shield heals, the loss or epts2 or rsp1 will definitely shorten your window for pew pew.

Have fun kill bad guys!

No my recent calculations/results show that for pure dmg you would want RF3/RF2 as primary, RF3 + 2x Apo1 +RF1 would be cool.
Or APO1 + RF3 and +RF2...

I take the 2x Omega setup, its not the highest damage possible but the only reason I really use 2x Omega is for the stun and hold Sci crap, not for real damage since the damage is not that awesome to say the least

(The Rapid fire thingy in combination with omega also depends a lil on your weapon setup, i mean A full cannon build with turrets would benefit much more from using RF3 then if u would have DBB and torp etc etc with it.

I can only say that with a 3x DHC/3x turret or 4x DHC using RF3 wiill always be more beneficial in total damage output then using Omega3, in my opinion its kinda worthless in most situations. (Ofcourse a full beam escort build which cannot even take benefit from any cannon ability ^^)

In any case, especially on a escort, running 2x APO1 is probably more beneficial than using an ability which gives +10% extra to your cannons. In the end survivability indirectly matters and translates into more damage being done. Apo1x2 gives you 50% uptime of stun/hold/etc immunity which is really important especially for a escort

And if you want to pwn some cruiser for the next 40-50 seconds you can always use Tactical initiative to use RF3 four times in a row.