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11-04-2011, 08:48 PM
Originally Posted by Antimater

Every human in the world. Unless you are royality, or in the top one percent have a reason to be on Red Alert. I live in Canada, do you think when the exterminations come, it will say, Oh, Canada, well we'll just let them be. This will be like Nazi Germany, only it will be global, and there will /be/ no resistance if we don't stop it now.

The military will be forced to unknowingly take mind altering and mind controling drugs or other mind control techniques. Only unlike now, the soldiers will be ordered to shoot their own families, and exterminate the 99%.

I am surpriesd you guys don't find this more interisting.

So close down this thread.
I just thought you should know.
Wow, just, wow.

Originally Posted by Sierrafortune
Being Bajoran, I don't take occupations kindly .

I think it's time I occupied my bed. I have to go to work tomorrow and earn a profit so I can buy food, pay the power bill, and clothe my children.