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11-04-2011, 09:51 PM
Originally Posted by jedinikon View Post
so basicly my accx3 weapons rock.. and they can be found on the exchange people
No! My Acc x3 Lolarons are bettah!!! :p

Anyway, I wanted to add something to the information if its worth anything;

Basically the Torpedo story is perfect, i just want to add something that is probably only applicable for the Tricobalt torpedo (Now with HYT2~, same damage around 20K) that if it crits, its almost always quaranteed a win :p

So basically, what I'm saying is that Trico's can be excluded from taking CrtDx3 over CrtHx3 respectively.
You basically want them to crit as much as possible. Or, if you have trouble detonating them on a subject with high bonus defense (Often misses on Escorts, which are already hard to hit because of their faster speed/turnrate, you might consider [acc] [crth]x2 on those, or just go full Acc x3 on them to make them hit as much as possible

(This is based on before and after the latest Trico change patch btw, no real damage boost or nerf when using HYT1/2)

Originally Posted by Mavairo
your crit chance still will not occur as often.
yeh perhaps, although my logs consistently gives me somewhat more crit chance on all my Acc x3 weapons compared to people using CrtH or CrtD combo weapons. Ofcourse the crits will probably be lower, not sure.

I do know that even with an Acc x3 Beam Overload I or II you can get 50/60K crits so thats pretty good still (With a moving object so there wouldnt be much Crit Overflow here) But then again it must have been a noob not having any resistance on him at all :/