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# 3 Various other bugs
11-05-2011, 03:59 PM
Last night my Klingon character kept landing on the roof of the Klingon Academy when I warped in. It took about half a dozen tries to get into the Academy.

Today, I had threeTribble Klingon Duty Officers go AWOL. I had two that I'd gotten from mission rewards and five that I bought at the C-Store. When I tried to put them on my roster, only four of them transferred. The other three just disappeared.

I REALLY wish that we could simply report these bugs in the normal way, rather than having to spend an hour going through the Bug Forum looking for a related thread to report them on. Even then, I can't really belive that staff is taking the time to read these reports. There are now sixty-seven pages of them and no indication that they are accomplishing anything.