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11-05-2011, 05:18 PM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
It seems to me that switching ships within a category (assault to star, long range to recon) will be easier, but across these, it's just as hard as before, if not worse. I also feel a lot more locked into my weapon choices, and I think not using torps at all might be more efficient for Escorts now, as the skills are overall more expensive.
There could be some truth to this. Once I get home tonight I'm going to take my Defiant build and compare it to a tank Cruiser and Heal Science without respecing, as well as the actual respec on Holodeck. Looking at it I definately don't think it will work for shield-stripper/offensive science, but I hold out hope for the other two.

As for weapon choices - I was trying for more balance here and I still ended up putting less into torps than I normally ever do, and no torps would have a lot more advantages in this version than on holodeck - especially when I realize that that would mean your could go from 4/4 in energy/projectile specialization to 8 in energy, or 7 there and put the last 500 somewhere else.

Still, it does make cannon/beam hybrids more doable, though the console situation penalizes 'rainbow' setups more than I would like.