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11-05-2011, 06:08 PM
If they just wanted to make it easier to switch ships they just would have to change the skilltree the way, that u have only 1 set of ship skills instead of skills for every shipclass. The new skilltree is much worse then the current one is.

The powers lost about 1/3 effectiveness. Not to mention the nerfs to several consoles and equipment parts. Same with the different Weapons.

The game will get more gear related with that, to force people to buy the gear as a dilithiumsink (moneysink).

If they want a dilithiuim sink it would be way easier if ppl actually would have to repair their ships, like in other games where u have to maintaine your equipment to keep getting the full potential of it.

And the statement that the new skilltree is easier to understand is imo not true. They just would have to make a better documentation for the old skilltree. Like listing all powers that are affected by the skill as a tooltip, and maybe 1 or 2 hints how they affect it.

I mean i really liked the game, until now.

I am not against f2p at all, but seems the ppl who said that the f2p change will make the game worse, were right.

Atm it seems more like a free to fail game, according to the current developement.