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11-05-2011, 06:24 PM
Originally Posted by Sternenfaenger
If they just wanted to make it easier to switch ships they just would have to change the skilltree the way, that u have only 1 set of ship skills instead of skills for every shipclass. The new skilltree is much worse then the current one is.
Exactly. Combine the ship captain skills and the weapon type skills and refine the descriptions for all powers to say exactly what they do, and you're done.

Originally Posted by Sternenfaenger
The powers lost about 1/3 effectiveness. Not to mention the nerfs to several consoles and equipment parts. Same with the different Weapons.

The game will get more gear related with that, to force people to buy the gear as a dilithiumsink (moneysink).
Yup... which is exactly opposite of what was said just earlier this year, that gear wasn't going to be the be-all, end-all.

I also have the feeling that they wanted this nerf to make it so that the brand new F2P'ers that join will be more on par with us once they hit VA (I see massive leveling bonuses coming our way for the first month or 2 to encourage them to hit VA faster, which means they'll also be more inclined to buy c-store ships, since there won't be enough time to refine enough dilithium to buy a real ship).