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11-05-2011, 11:16 PM
Originally Posted by Texus
See what the above says.......

I understand what the other pvp players have posted... but !!! my set up is concentrated on shield regain only

Tact BO Station Commander
Torp spread I
Beam Overload II (cannon rapid fire I)
Beam Overload III (cannon rapid fire II)
Attack Pattern Omega III

Tact LtCmdr BO Station
Tact Team I
Torp High Yeild II
Attack Patern Omega I

Tact Ensign BO Station
Tact team I

Eng Lt BO Station
Epts I
Epts II

Sci Lt BO Station
Sci Team I
Tss II

(please note I use the two copys of APO for their defensive capabilities, and that I generaly run with beams over cannons purely for the manouverability which = defense, whilst still doing very good dmg and kills for the team, I do use cannons too, I just change 1 BO over to accomadate this)

The above with the standard Eng Toon abilities (rotate shield freq, nadion inversion, eps power trans, eng fleet, miricle worker) all geared towards to keeping my shields up. Now you would think that this would be ample to keep the Borg Shields up and running smoothly.... but for me I struggle. I just feel that the above setup is superb for the Covar Mk XI Cap x3 shields.

Dont get me wrong I know the pvp game very well as it is all I do, so I do understand when to use my abilities during battles and when to fire off certain weapons......

I just dont understand the Regain (Borg) shields.

I would greatly appreciate other dedicated pvp'ers setups that use the Borg shields so I may look at and try to adopt as I can see the benefits from using them.

Thanks again all, look forward to seeing you in the areanas (say hi if you come accross me ingame)

PS: Noticed I ramble alot sry, but stick with the pvp and dont leave, just see the unbalance and flaws as a test of tanking, stratagey and skill. GOD BLESS THE PVP COMUNITY

I am tac and I have some serious weird power setups in my raptor like 125/90 weapon power and 68/40 shield power.