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11-06-2011, 01:28 AM
Okay here is my tac captain plopped into an Excelsior without any change to the skill set-up designed purely for flying an escort.

Tribble Build

9 weapon 8 energy 7 maneuvers 7 attack patterns 4 energy specialization
------------- 6 proj 8 targeting 0 Stealth 4 Proj specialization
0 Batteries 7 Struc Integrity 0 EPS 7 Engine Performance 2 Armor
8 Hull Repair 0 Subsys Repair 7 Impulse 7 Hull Plating 7 Aux Performance
---------------- 7 Efficiency 8 Warp Core 7 Shield Perf. 7 Weapon Performance
0 Flow Capacitor 2 Power Insulators 0 Graviton 2 Inertial Damp 2 Countermeasures
8 Shield Emitters 7 Shield Systems 0 Particle Generators 0 Sensors 0 Subspace Decompiler
5 E/S/T away team
5 close combat 3 security 3 firearms 4 martial arts

Note that gear is mk X green and white, and not all engineering consoles are being used, with none in science.

Holodeck build is basically the same as Holodeck Defiant posted earlier, with the appropriate ship skills swapped, and cannon points (plus 1 from ground) put into 4 points of Hull Repair. I accidentally forgot to devote points to Engineering Training in t1, but didn’t want to waste a respect token to change just that. Hopefully it won’t mess up the numbers too much. I likely would have taken the necessary points from ground skills to do so, especially since it is a t1 skill, so no other changes would have been necessary.

First row is a repeat of the Tribble/Holodeck numbers in the Defiant. Second row is Tribble Excelsior 1st, Holodeck 2nd. Red = Holodeck was superior, blue for Tribble

Defense 68.6% 70%
58.6% 60.0%
Hull 38,183 39001
49,638 50,701
Hull Repair Rate 117.6% 60.0%
169.3% 112.3%
Shields 7,900 8069
8778 8,966
Resist 21% 19.8%
21% 19.8%
Accuracy 14.5% 15.0%
14.5% 15.0%
Crit Chance 2.5% 4.5%
2.5% 4.5%
Crit Severity 50.0% 75.0%
50.0% 75.0%
Speed 28.6 24.60
26.92 23.51
Turn Rate 31.3 deg/sec 32.8
13.6 14.1

Quantum 4,448(523) 4,576(538)
Beam Array 925(740) 935(748)

Power Levels
124/100 124/100
61/40 60/40
49/25 49/25
57/35 56/35

114/100 114/100
66/40 65/40
58/30 58/30
58/30 58/30

Emergency Power to Shields 1 – 1,482/+15 power 1,350/22
Aux to SiF 1 – 2,880/21 resist 2,692/21
Aceton Beam 3– 50 dmg/30 (1500 dmg) -500 resist 2,046 dmg, -50% damage
(now covered under science skill ‘Particle Generators, btw, and with a completely different effect, making direct comparison impossible, though damage is lower on Tribble)
Engineering Team 1 – 5,994 4,961
Science Team – 2,221 2,157
Hazard Emitters 2 – 10,242 11,707

So ship stats definitely came out more in favor of Holodeck this time around, though still mostly minor differences, something like 1000 less hull strength being the biggie, shields dropped less than 200 by comparison.

Healing Bof powers actually favors Tribble, except for Hazard Emitters which I'm starting to think might just have been nerfed a bit besides the skill changes, and actual damage didn't go down that much (like 7 points of dps for the important one - beams)

More offensive bof powers (science and engineering more so) are less useful with this build, but it is meant to be a tank/healer option anyway.

The key to remember here is that no respec was required to go from the Defiant to the Excelsior, and both builds are still, in my opinion, workable for anything besides serious pvp (and I'd still use it in pvp, I'd just have to accept that I'd be doing so with something of a disadvantage against many opponents)

Still, the same problems of crit chance dropping shows up, as does lack of variety in offensive abilities from the science and engineering side of the street. For me though, the biggest concern is still how little I can put into ground skills and how tight points are in t4 and 5. As I've said before on Holodeck right now I can use a lot of points for t4-5 to further flesh out lower tiers, while in Tribble - no matter the build I'm looking at - not only can I not spare any from the last two tiers I don't have enough for the essential skills, let alone the others that would be nice to have.