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11-06-2011, 01:12 AM
Originally Posted by staalker View Post
Did you read? They clearly said this isn't final and it isn't balanced.

To balance they need people to use it so they can see what changes need to be made. On paper is one thing, practice is another.

The changes are still new, they need time to see what people can do with it and work it to where it needs to be. Why can't people be patient and give them time to do this?

You'd think these changes went live...
As for you first line, i know that so let me quote

Originally Posted by Al Rivera View Post
We fully expect that this new system to have some bugs and balance issues. We look forward to your feedback and helping us fine-tune this system.

Al Rivera
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Star Trek Online
So i am giving my feedback on that it sucks, As was requested by the devs, as other people have done, Yes i understand its just the first version but someone had to come up with a first version and its been thrown together without much thought, The tree above i pulled together in 20 minutes is far more balanced and doesn't gimp tac and sci as much.

Feel free to point out any flaws in my idea or are you just another STO fanboi that believes the devs can do no wrong?
The devs spend most of their time making the game, not playing it ( at least no that much), so its up to us as the players to guide them in what works best for the game.