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11-06-2011, 01:13 AM
Rokesmith, some of these responses may seem rattled because it is getting late here and I'm losing my train of thought.

Originally Posted by Rokesmith View Post
Definitely an overall nerf, though I have to ask - was this purely an attempt at duplication for the sake of comparison or is the Tribble build the way you would actually spec if it went live tomorrow? (Thankfully it isn't).
It's most definitely an attempt to duplicate. The more I play with this skilltree the more I'm thinking that many things are not working properly with it. Also, I'm starting to wonder if a lot in this new skill tree could just just be described as "fluff" intended to make the skilltree appear more fleshed out. You mentioned Weapons Specializations and I saw no sign that my Crits were benefiting from this skill anywhere in my tooltips when I had actually invested some points into it. Starship Sensors is another skill which is somewhat misleading as it is only supposed to be adding to Stealth sight and resistance to confuse and placate. However, I have noticed it affecting my timers on Scramble Sensors by awarding it 3 additional seconds when that should be falling under Countermeasures in the skilltree. Frankly. if all Starship Sensors is going to do is increase Stealthsight and give resistance to confuse and placate then I really don't know why anyone would spec for it. It's easier just to carry a Science Team and you don't even need to spec for that. Starship Armor Reinforcements looks like a "fluff" skill as well and why is it only adding kinetic DR? We need to see some numbers in these tooltips so we can know what exactly they are giving us if anything at all. I'm not even sure why Starship Armor Reinforcement was even added. There seems to be no equivalent of it in the old tree and why is it T5? My DR numbers came out the same as Holodeck without putting any points in the Tribble build which makes me think it is something new. I've always had my concerns that Subsystem Repair is another "fluff" skill designed to suck in unsuspecting builders with false promises. If it does work there needs to be a tooltip better describing it at least.

Originally Posted by Rokesmith View Post
I also wonder if it is peculiar to me to not be overly worried about light to moderate nerfs that affect the entire player base equally? I mean, the way I see it is that if everyone's shields and hull (for example) drop a few hundred points with the conversion it basically washes out since no one group gains any advantage from it. Does that make sense?
Just from a PvE perspective it is most definitely worrisome because you're looking at prolonging space combat through these nerfs which could be a turnoff to new players. You're basically becoming more reliant on the games "extras" such as slotting shipboard DOffs, Buffs from doing Doff assignments and forced crafting for purple gear as you level just to make the grind smoother. Captain Geko has nerfed most powers to 75% of their previous potential. It is essentially going to be another economy sink. Powers like Charged Particle Burst, Gravity Well, Eject Warp Plasma and Target Subsystems are 75% of their Holodeck values to make players more gear dependent. I didn't craft a single thing for the first toon I leveled in STO. I didn't even know where Memory Alpha was. The beautiful thing about that was I didn't need to. My build was crappy, I selected all the wrong passive traits and I had no idea what I was doing but I had fun. I sometimes wonder if all of these economy sinks that are coming into the game (Powers nerf, crafting, etc) only serve the purpose of complicating things for new players and frustrating the old players. Sometimes less is more and Cryptic may in fact be over analyzing things.

Powers should remain prenerf so as not to upset players you already have because most people are only going to see it for what it is. If the devs want to do a powers nerf as a means for an economy sink then they should really think seriously about just raising HP and shields on NPC's. It's a double edged sword but I wouldn't take away from what the players already have. In my opinion, only negative things will come from that.

Originally Posted by Rokesmith View Post
Comparing these with my own numbers I also wonder if things are showing up properly too, certainly a troubling thought.
My numbers may have actually been listed backwards to yours. 1st number is Holodeck, 2nd is Tribble, colored to show which came out ahead, red for Holodeck, blue for Tribble.

You listed your Tribble numbers first. That is where the confusion may lie perhaps?

However, I don't fully trust the numbers I'm receiving from this skill tree at the moment. I've seen several errors with it.

I do have several accolade buffs with the toon that I posted. It was made with PvP in mind and it does have quite a few passive bonuses from accolades.