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# 208 NEW IDEA using "Old Tech"
11-06-2011, 06:34 AM
Bar Fight Scenario

I have come up with a use for the different drinks in STO. If each drink is given an alcohol percentage in increments of 10% they would have the following effects [ +10% damage and -10% accuracy ]. So a character can imbibe alcohol and increase his/her damage in melee combat. So the drink percentages stack. Example a Synthale and and a Nerve Tonic would result in being +60% to damage and -60% on Accuracy. The cooldown time of each drink would vary. Of course foodstuffs could have the effect of absorbing the alcohol too at various rates. Each toon would have a 100% tolerance that would vary by race with some drinks affecting other races differently. Of course there would need to be an unarmed melee option in the bars. This of course would be policed by the MP's so you could have a new accolade "Evading The Cops" if you were able to elude them. However there is also a catch if they catch you you spend 2-5 Mins in the Brig for affray and could face Admiral Quinn and be busted a full rank for insubbornation. That being said, there would be a plethora of accolades to add to unarmed combat and could re-inact the K-7 debacle where Mr. Scott got aggravated at the Klingon for calling the Enterprise a garbage scowl and promptly threw the first punch.

Synthale +10% to Dmg -10% Acc
Chateau Picard +20% to Dmg -20% Acc
Saurian Brandy +30% to Dmg -30% Acc
Aldebaran Whiskey +40% to Dmg -40% Acc
Nerve Tonic +50% to Dmg -50% Acc
Romulan Ale +60% to Dmg -60% Acc

Blood Wine would have special properties like 3X Damage and would be -80% Accuracy.

Once you reach intoxication point of 100% you pass out and wake up in the brig. This idea would bring a much needed flavor to the "Latnium Club" mindset of shoreleave.

Take a look at this for the setting

Yes this is a shameless plug for you to visit my Foundry mission Espionage by Arnthebard. Go play this so you could see the Latnium Club as a setting for the Bar Fight Scenario.