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11-06-2011, 07:36 AM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
this game would be so much more fun if healing and buffing was cut in half, durability and hit points were tripled, dps was doubled and and spike potential left the same. no one would be unkillable, no one would be 1 shoted, and ships would take damage, deal damage, and repair accurately to how things actually were in star trek. also do away with escort/cruiser/science, ships should be ships, they would be easy enough to stat with this engine without the artificial goal posts imposed on them

since im a lifer, im not leaving. i'll continue to complain until this game is recognizable as star trek, and as a result more fun. why do you think we are here cryptic? its for star trek, not generic mmo space and ground combat. i look at the game im playing in front of me and the only thing i recognize are the ships and the scenery.

ground gameplay is actually pretty good, and i don't consider it a drag to have to go through it any more. but space? you got almost every thing wrong. its unbalanced, unbalanceable, and the learning curve is impossibly high for 90% of players. not to mention in pve the level scaling npc battlships at all ranks, etc... stuff like that is just terrible.
well said.