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# 4 Skill changes
11-06-2011, 10:05 AM
Ok since the removal of the individual weapon specializations and the moving of the skill for top end weapon performance was moved to the top tier this punishes al players and keeps them from rebuilding thier spec to any where near what it was nor can it ever be even close to how it was. EVERYONE need some kind of weapon specialization in space, even if it isn't but just photon torpedos and phashers ALL CLASSES NEED IT. The tier one skils are a joke and you have to waste points just to be able to get to the next tier and this is the same feeling through out all the tiers. Then you don't have enough points to get what you need to be where you were before or even in the are of being good as we were. This won't matter to new players becasue they won't know how good the characters we had were. This is a kick in the face to players that were with the game before F2P. I understand that skil tree seemed overwhelming, but if you took the time and read through the descriptions of the skils it could be figured out. If anything this new skill system throws space combat way out of balance as any one that mazes out thier weapon skills can pack the heaviest weapons there are in the game and get the max from them with no real trade off.