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11-06-2011, 11:08 AM
Originally Posted by Vipermist
As for you first line, i know that so let me quote

So i am giving my feedback on that it sucks, As was requested by the devs, as other people have done, Yes i understand its just the first version but someone had to come up with a first version and its been thrown together without much thought, The tree above i pulled together in 20 minutes is far more balanced and doesn't gimp tac and sci as much.

Feel free to point out any flaws in my idea or are you just another STO fanboi that believes the devs can do no wrong?
The devs spend most of their time making the game, not playing it ( at least no that much), so its up to us as the players to guide them in what works best for the game.
Fanboi? You must not know me around here. I have been banned for speaking out against Cryptic in the past.

I directly quoted what I was responding to. You said it was unbalanced and needed drastic changes. They already said it themselves....

What's the problem? You just looking for a tussle? Won't get it from me. I quoted you, and clearly responded to that specific quote. I didn't misqoute you. You didn't say you were aware of the devs post...seems to me, you are being a little sensitvive here. As for your idea...I have no thoughts because I didn't read it.

The only thing I read, I quoted and replied to.