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11-06-2011, 11:44 AM
Science really isn't that bad to spec for under the new tree. You have to keep in mind that a lot of "fluff" has been put into this tree and you don't really need most of it. A lot of it is stuff that we don't even have now on Holodeck builds which has been added to the game with the new tree. Things like Starship Sensors, for example, which adds resistance to confuse and placate and bonuses to stealth sight. It's an unnecessary skill and doesn't even affect your DR Debuff or Target subsytems now. Science Team is free anyway. I would hate to see them add more skills to the tree just to make sure everyone has an equal number of boxes for their professions. I think they'd just add more useless "fluff". Another good example is Starship Armor Reinforcements which only gives kinetic resists and no energy resists. There's nothing quite like that currently on Holodeck. They must have had the borg in mind when they put that one in. Another good example is Starship Power insulators. The 75% nerf most Science powers received almost negates any need for that skill at all.

What's really hurt Science was the 75% powers nerf. That is hands down the worst thing about the new skill system for a Sci. It's not that Sci's are hard to skill for.

You have to keep in mind that the devs are partially using this new skill system as an economy sink. Things like weapons specializations were purposely put into T5 because they want you to spend your resources like dilithium or energy credits (skill points - not so much) into buying better weapons. In effect, they are telling players they don't need those skills and can make it up through better gear because no one can afford to put skill points into it.