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11-06-2011, 03:29 PM
Finally got to take this bird for a spin after transferring my Klingon Tac Captain over and I got to say that the ship it's self looks awesome, the Quad cannons look and sound awesome.

However I can see some of the arguments in here about it's damage at high level, but for me at Captain 9 I was getting about 20dps more than my Crafted Rare Mk VIII Dual and Dual Heavies.

So up until Rare Mk X and Mk XI they 'are' the most powerful cannons in the game with the Engine power drawback to balance them, however once you get to the point of using Mk X or XI the Engine power drain becomes a big handicap for weapons that look cool, maybe there is a scaling issue past Mk X and they are meant to do more who knows.

All in all the ship is sweet and at my current level I will gladly take the drain on the Engine power to have such awesome weapons(wish I could have more than one on though :p), oh and any chance we could get it's skin for the Hegh'ta Heavy BoP?