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11-07-2011, 02:20 AM
In regards to abandon ship:

I actually like the idea, but it should be clearable with engineering team (success based on level of engineering team). It could be triggered with auto destruct. Hypothetically could be an awesome lead in to an "Eject warp core" ability (if you happen to run no engineering teams or they are on cooldown). The chance of the effect being triggered should be very low as well.

I sort of wish there was a user toggle that would enable some battle cinematics of consoles exploding on your bridge, or a torpedo blowing through your hull (when you are slammed with a critical hit) during combat. Either in a small window or full screen. The toggle would ensure a PvP match isn't disrupted, and the PvE combat would be a touch more "Trek".

But if we want to added this bit of "realism" wouldn't it be better to address the fact that a ship is 100% combat effective no matter what condition it is in?

In regards to the free view mode with lives:

Talking about a whole new PvP mode. If healing and focus fire were more balanced then it might work but as is the current mechanics would need some serious love to prevent the match being one sided.