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11-07-2011, 03:53 AM
After testing the Dacoit and Corsair flight deck cruisers i can safely say that they are the funnest ships I've flown. The Orion Interceptors are useful, while they don't put out noticeable dps their debuff is useful. The tachyon drones are just plain fun with single targets or even a few, ( Decimates shields leaving them wide open for my torpedo: high yield ) they have decent survivability considering EVERYTHING shoots at them as soon as they are deployed. Both ships have awesome survivability and decent firepower by themselves, i should also mention that for a cruiser the speed and maneuverability of them are really good with the skill Starship Impulse Thrusters. They just look plain awesome, can't say anything that has already been said... so when i look at the marauder I'm like... ugh... i don't think so. Don't know about some people but i prefer the one thing thing I look at the most in the game other than your ground character to look appealing. This creates some conflict when i want a tier 5 ship and I want an appealing ship... you have to admit the T5 c-store carriers aren't the most appealing ships, although they can look kind of cool in from a different perspective. Function is important... but if it looks awesome, especially considering their the most expensive ships available, even more so now, would go a long way to getting me to buy them, actually I would most definitely buy it if they looked anywhere near as good as the Dacoit and Corsair or you can just make a new skin for the Marauder although some people would complain about buying the ship then having to buy a skin to make it look good i would definitely get it though. Anyways the Dacoit and Corsair are a step in the right direction and I'd make a new character just to play though with them again when F2P launches.