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The key to remember about escorts is that, for the most part, they are small. Very small usually. They simply don't have the sheer "beef" that cruisers do. Smaller ship means smaller warp core and smaller fusion generators. They just don't have the power to run all the things a Cruiser can, this includes holidecks, racketball courts, fancy furnishings from the replicater, and yes, even wepons.

Now, it should be noted that escorts can carry cannons. Lots of cannons. If you fully outfit your ship with duel cannons, that theoretically means 8 forward facing wepons on a tier 5 ship. The best a cruiser can muster is 4. And escourts are like half to a quarter the size! Escourts are fully capable of taking on cruisers despite their much smaller size because they are hard to hit and hit back with a vengence.

I guess my real response is that pound for pound, Escorts DO have more wepons than cruisers.